2 thoughts on “Lost Opportunities, Lost Souls

  1. Are our Bishops Catholic or Pagans masquerading as Catholics? Let the redeemed of our Lord say so. Please Bishops wake up to your responsibility to Christ!

  2. We Social Conservatives care about people, but don’t accept false ideas as true or their destructive behavior as moral.

    Contrary to politically correct liberal relativism and Darwinian humanist wisdom, not all ideas and lifestyles are equally true, or beneficial.

    Yet the kind of tolerance demanded in today’s liberal education establishments which “educate” our society tell us that we must tolerate everything, even destructive behavior, legalize it and then teach it to our children as healthy and normal from Kindergarten through University. But of course, we must never tolerate destructive behavior.

    Tolerating, legalizing, and imposing destructive behavior by government decree is unloving because it harms innocent children and destroys lives.

    Through reasoned debate, using verifiable evidence, we must defeat harmful ideas and bad legislation while we show love and respect to people promoting them.

    Perhaps if our Bishops and enough people vote responsibly and come on board we can make our Canada a safer place for children and people of all ages.

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