Losing Faith in Catholic Education

…Some background first. In Ontario, as well as most of Canada, state-funded Catholic education is generally about as Catholic as an Orange Lodge meeting in East Belfast. Non-Catholics assume that eager little Papists are indoctrinated into the Roman faith, but if only this was the case. The vast majority of Catholic teachers — while often decent and dedicated — are non-practising and even anti-Church.

They are divorced, gay, abort and use contraceptives, live together, never attend mass, reject Catholic teaching, are indifferent or even hostile to the religion they are supposed to be part of….(Source)

The Catholic school system is a joke.  There are small numbers of faithful Catholic teachers and small numbers of faithful Catholic students.  Everyone knows there is a huge elephant in the room, but the men who are responsible for guarding Catholic education (i.e. the bishops) are not interested in addressing the fundamental problems.  Instead, they’ve invested too much in the bureaucracy and have a huge problem with naïveté.

The Catholic school system in this province is going to formally collapse within 5-10 years — because formal collapse happens shortly after moral and religious collapse.  If the men who are responsible for guarding Catholic education were wise, they would use whatever leverage they can with the government now, ditch the currently funded system and secure some kind of modest tax credit for faithful Catholics (and by extension everyone else) who want to educate their children according to their own values.

The bishops need to read the writing on the wall.  If they want to demote themselves to politicians and managers, the least they can do is to negotiate and salvage something for Catholic parents while they still have the time to do it.

2 thoughts on “Losing Faith in Catholic Education

  1. John, this is reason #345,780 to begin/continue homeschooling. It is a credible option, but one that requires some sacrifice and dedication. Why feed our children to an immoral system any longer?

  2. The Bella Dodd bishops responsible for Catholic education are fully aware and wise as to what is imperative. They have done their job well. Their progressive descendants are finishing the job.

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