Looser abortion laws in Spain: a prelude to Global South?

Spain: Abortion Law Decried as It Goes Into Effect

MADRID, Spain, JULY 5, 2010 (Zenit.org).- As Spain’s liberalized abortion law went into effect today, the nation’s bishops reiterated that the measure is “incompatible with an upright moral conscience.”

In a statement today, the prelates repeated why the law “worsens the existing legislation.”

As we know, many of Development and Peace’s partners are actively lobbying for a loosening of abortion laws in the Global South.  What happened in Spain could occur in many developing countries, especially in Latin America.  The main difference relative to Spain, of course, is that we would have actively contributed to this forward march of the Culture of Death in the Global South thanks to our beloved Development and Peace.  How can we ever thank them enough?

What a horrible legacy our generation would leave behind.  We’re going to be so accountable before Almighty God for the lives of those aborted kids.

2 thoughts on “Looser abortion laws in Spain: a prelude to Global South?

  1. The Traditionalists, Catholics and Protestants have to wake up and enter the Culture War raging for the soul of Western Civilization. Let us run with patience the race that is set before us, and let us run to win.

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