Loopy CUPE all hot and bothered

We all know that the Unions lost any sense of perspective and proportion a long time ago. When exactly this happened, we’re not so sure. But we do know that they just got away from taking care of their own workers and instead became the useful idiots for every kind of loopy left wing cause and rant.

Much to my surprise, SoCon-Or-Bust was linked to on one of their recent postings on their website. I’m feeling pretty good about that. I sure am. Makes me want to smile about my growing influence (Cue John pulling up his belt confidently). After all, all of my daily 14 visitors are going to change this country. Right of Revolution, we say! (Cue rolling eyes.)

I have no problem when the Left wants to make fools out of themselves by attacking the very foundations of our culture – whether that be the traditional family, Judeo-Christian morality, the Christian faith, or free speech. We can basically expect such behavior from them. They lost their collective brains during some collective bargaining session back in the 70s.

But what I do have a problem with is severe dementia. This is what CUPE wrote on their website:

What is he up to?
After all, he has a minority government. He could be into an election as early as next spring. The clue is probably in the Harper government’s program cuts announced in September. Stephen Harper has cut or eliminated a number of government programs that, despite years of neglect at the hands of the Liberals have helped women, poor people, aboriginal people, lesbians and gays, and people with reading difficulties. Most Canadians support these programs’ goals, but to read the
Conservative blogosphere, these programs are to blame for everything from the decline of Western Civilization to venereal disease. Harper is pulling together his people for the upcoming election fight. Social conservatives who need a terrestrial sign that he’s doing their work, have had their prayers answered on Parliament Hill.

When I was a kid, I hated when people didn’t pay attention. Once, when one of my duller friends was on third base, I told him to pay attention to the game if I should hit a pop fly and he had to tag to get home. He didn’t listen so I turned my body and hit a line drive that popped him right in the head. Bingo. Right between the eyes.

CUPE is a lot like my duller friend. They have absolutely no clue of what the political realities are on the right side of the spectrum. They are not paying attention to the game, but simply regurgitating the same old leftist mantra.

Stephen Harper might be OK for now, but he has shown himself to be only moderately acceptable to us. In fact, his government’s policies are more in line with CUPE than they are with us on a number of social conservative issues, not the least of which is abortion.

So Loooooopy Cupe, I am not one of Stephen’s “people”. I am not even a card carrying Conservative. The Conservative Party is much too left for me, or haven’t you noticed?

So that would make Stephen Harper “a moderate”; someone in the mushy middle, as far as I am concerned.

I am not sure if you are happy or sad about that, but all that I ask is that you get your facts right and straight. 🙂

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