Looks like Possession To Me

But you know our moderns will never admit the possibility…that ‘er, Houston we have a problem and it might not be drugs.

‘Cause you know, we can’t admit that someone is possessed because that would mean we need the Church…and if we need the Church….

3 thoughts on “Looks like Possession To Me

  1. Boy, did you see the change in her expression as the episode began? I’m no exorcist, but that looks demonic, not drug-induced. Makes one wonder how many more like her there are in our society. Nature abhors a vacuum – you get rid of God, guess who’ll set up residence in His place? St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

  2. Would you say that a society that legalizes perversion, as a human right to recruit Kindergarteners in schools is not possessed ?

    St.Michael can do nothing if the democratic possessed like to politically legalize evil, and then ridicule him.

    What about the majority of politically apathetic clergy, and laity who are A W O L in This Democratic Culture War? Did you know Canada was a Christian country in Government, Law and Education, where Canadian children started public school with The Lord’s Prayer, because their parents and grandparents were not politically A W O L?

    When I hear invited clergy speak at our Conventions regarding politics, I know the majority of them are Secularists by their responses to legalized Kinsey Sex Education, as a human right to recruit our schoolchildren into perversion. Political apathy and indifference is a sin in this former Christian Democracy. Who has reduced our worldview to a politically indifferent cult in Western Democracies?

    What happened to Pagan Rome when Christians refused to adapt to the State Worldview? Secular Christians are Nicolaitans don’t you think?

    We have to politically organize to be a relevant democratic force, because our children are depending on us, for they are legally being recruited to become Secular Janissaries in schools, by so-called legalized human rights. You can’t fool St. Michael or His Lord. Time for us to do the righteous political thing in our democratic Canada, don’t you think? Otherwise circular talk accomplishes very little.

  3. Oh my! I got scared within 30 seconds after pressing play button. Jesus Mary and Jospeh watch over us! I am still shivering after watching that tiny part of video. St. Michael protect us and our children. Amen.

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