Looking forward to the “decision”

Big City Loser is upset that the Poor Choicers are losing.

All I have to say is that the remarkable mass voting started to happen only 2-3 days ago and it was not by us.

What does that tell you? I don’t trust the CBC because they likely have most of their employees voting for the poor choice side, so their decision is hardly going to be objective. I’d like to see the explanation as to why the poor choicers’ numbers went up 1000 votes within 2.5 days to take the lead after falling badly behind.

That is the salient point which needs to be answered. The rest is just details.

4 thoughts on “Looking forward to the “decision”

  1. When BCL mocks both sides for being both silly and stupid by both freeping this CBC online survey… how is it that he is “upset”?

    Did you actually read his post?

  2. This is great. After winning a silly online contest the Canadian government is sure to over rule abortion laws….oh, wait a minute….

  3. The CBC Wish List group said Facebook has figured out the cheating glitch and now the numbers on both sides are substantially reduced.

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