Looking at the Numbers of the PC Leadership Race

The following membership numbers come from various sources. The numbers before the bracketed numbers represent new memberships sold while the bracketed numbers represent estimates on how the pre-campaign membership might vote.

Tim Hudak =  14,000 (2,500) = 16,500 [HRC Position: significant reform, Abortion Position:  Unknown] 

Frank Klees = 10,000 (2,500) = 12,500 [HRC Position: mild reform, Abortion Position: “Soft” Pro-Life]

Elliott = 6,500 (2,500) = 8,500 [HRC Position: no reform, Abortion Position: Pro-Abort]

Hillier = 3,200 (1,000) = 4,200 [HRC Position: abolish, Abortion Position: Not Pro-Life, But Funding Restrictions]

Based on these numbers, Randy Hillier might very well determine who will be the next leader of the Progressive Conservative Party.  If Hillier’s supporters vote overwhelmingly for Hudak as a second choice, Hudak might win. However, if Hillier’s supporters vote for Frank Klees as their second choice, it is likely that Klees will win, as Elliot supporters will likely support Klees over Hudak.

Most of Hillier’s supporters will likely vote for Tim Hudak as their second choice, but there will be strong minority of Hillier’s support coming from strong social conservatives who will choose Frank Klees as their second choice. It is entirely conceivable, therefore, that the social conservative, pro-life vote will determine who the next leader is.

Mr. Hudak and Mr. Klees should therefore start talking about how they are going to address the concerns of social conservatives.

Social Conservatives United continues to endorse Randy Hillier for leader of the Party as the first choice.

However, we have removed our endorsement of Frank Klees as the second choice.

Mr. Klees or Mr. Hudak will have to earn their second choice endorsement from us by indicating specifically what social conservative initiatives they will push for should they become leader of the Party.

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