Loneliness – The Fruit of Sterilization


Once I was driving my mother-in-law home from a conference she was attending here in Ottawa as part of her work. We were passing through the downtown core and I happened to remark that one day, many of the buildings surrounding us will be empty and we will have a very great epidemic on our hands.  She wondered what I meant. I told her:  the greatest epidemic in the future will be loneliness and despair, the fruit of a sterilized and childless culture.

The Culture of Death does not produce love, or children who love, or grandchildren who love.  Children are a mistake or they fit some designer plan, but they are not brought into this world for themselves. They are brought in to fulfill our needs, our wants, our desires.  And our children learn the same principles so when we get older and we don’t fit into their plans. Guess what?  “You’re on you own now, pops.  I’ve got my life to lead.  Thanks for teaching me the good life.  I plan to have at it now.”

2 thoughts on “Loneliness – The Fruit of Sterilization

  1. A former work colleague of mine was born in China, part of the one-child policy generation. She once lamented to me that she wasn’t allowed to have any siblings and that she was alone.

    In Japan, the elderly are buying little robots that look like kids, with a vocabulary of 2000 words and the ability to utter a variety of child-like phrases. This is a uniquely Japanese solution to the absence of grandchildren.

  2. Cue *Cat’s in the Cradle*. 🙂

    This will definitely have an impact on euthanasia. People will invent reasons to off themselves so that a doctor will do the deed and *succeed*.

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