Lock up that drunk judge

From the you’ve-gotta-be-kidding-me file.

A New Brunswick judge acquitted a francophone man of a drunk-driving-related charge because the police did not offer him the option of being arrested in English, a decision that exposes the challenges in cracking down on impaired driving in Canada’s only bilingual province, where tensions between French and English communities run high.

An RCMP officer found Donat Robichaud passed out at the wheel of his truck in a convenience store parking lot in Shippagan on New Brunswick’s predominantly francophone Acadian Peninsula in June 2007, according to the court ruling.

When the officer woke him, Mr. Robichaud spoke to him in French. He was later charged, in French, with failing to provide a breath sample.

In the French-only ruling, Provincial Court Justice Yvette Finn lambasted the police for not respecting Mr. Robichaud’s rights to be served in the language of his choice, even though he clearly understood French. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives special status to New Brunswick’s bilingualism, rights that are “inviolable,” she wrote. (Source)

So a francophone, who addresses the police in French and is responded to in French, has been “victimized” because they didn’t offer to speak to him in English.

Who are these judges? This phony human rights crap really ticks me off.

This drunk-driver is now a free man. Bravo. What if he gets drunk again and kills somebody in an accident? Will the judge contact the family of the victims and offer them her condolences –in the language of their choice, bien sûr?

Warning to our readers: this blog is written in English and we make no apologies for not offering to translate our posts to any other language. 🙂

One thought on “Lock up that drunk judge

  1. Politically Correct Relativism that all views are equally true and beneficial is nonsense. This living Tree Evolving Society interpretation allows Judges the arbitrarily decide what that means to them. In the courtroom the judge is now god.
    Who did not lift a finger when the Fathers Of Western Education introduced, The Sacred/Secular Pagan Dualism, through education and thus law and government? When our professors like Tom Landers ,Walter Szetela and wise men spoke out about this the majority of the church and church Fathers bought into the relativism instead. Our wise men our Culture Warriors taught anyone who wanted to win worldview debates using scientific facts, and common sense. Very few in the church took them up on this, or take seriously the ones they taught today. The few that do are friends of Jesus and know Who they believe and why they believe Him, and teach others also. The Nicolaitans only played Christian and still do. Please wake up for Christ’s sake. When The Ten Commandments are taken off classroom and courtroom walls by decree, only Secular Paganism remains. This is common sense not rocket science.

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