3 thoughts on “Living Chastity Today

  1. I agree with Suzanne. Very impersonal. Kids don’t read letters on the CCCB website. The YouTube videos are a better move, but they’re so boring and stiff! I can see kids watching these just to laugh at the numbness of the actors!

    And the videos don’t require any effort from the clergy (still MIA). Will the clergy ever have the guts to actually speak the truth to someone’s face? In person?

  2. There is one bright spot in the pastoral letter: The saints at the end. St. Thomas Aquinas is awesome at always, but I was really impressed to see the last two, Blessed Frassati and Dr. Gianna Beretta Molla.

    While I will always affirm the belief in the Saints and defend the doctrine, the one thing about the Saints as promoted in the church is that many a time the religious/clergy are promoted, that is the Monks, Nuns and Priests. Youth love role models but if they see the priests and nuns, especially in this religion-hating wold, they may not like the saints because of it. Also, there aren’t as many lay saints that are promoted constantly outside of the Holy Father, well-knowledged priests, etc. I’m talking about the average Catholic knowing about them at all in any Catholic school or parish.

    These two young, lay, and holy people are clear-cut examples who lead Saintly and/or holy lives who demonstrate that even the average person can ascribe to Saintliness and chaste lives in the Church. This message is often not preached or lost when other great saints like Aquinas, Ignatius, St. Francis etc. are brought centre stage. To the average Catholic youth, doing this in the letter (for those who will even get it) will let them see this and they might start to think, “hey, you don’t necessarily have to be a priest or nun to be in the cool group. Maybe I can do so”. They may not say it out loud, but maybe in the back of their heads, they may start thinking about leading holy lives, and at best, maybe even pray to these saints for their intercession.

    At least the CCCB did make one decent move with this letter, besides creating it at all.

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