Liturgical Dance At St. Joe’s

To be in the Liturgical Dance Ministry, a person does not need to be a professional or trained dancer, but simply be prepared to allow the Spirit to breathe through you. There are currently 6 dancers, and we welcome more. Any person over 12 years of age is welcome to join the ministry.

Because for the modernists, the Mass is more entertainment than it is sacrifice, just like sex is more entertainment than it is sacrifice for the post-Christian West.

4 thoughts on “Liturgical Dance At St. Joe’s

  1. Why is there anyone still left in the church at this point? I would run (not walk) to the nearest exit.
    This is a scandalous situation if it is occurring during the Holy Mass. It is comical if it is occurring during “Who wants to Dance.”

    • I too have been surprised, seeing what silly action does happen in some Masses. A priest left the altar before giving last blessing; came back dressed as Winnie the Poo to give the blessing at the end of the Mass. I give only 25 c. till we get to kneel on a communion-rail instead of standing. Used to kneel on the floor but am no longer able.

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