Little Women Have Rights Too

Check out this way cool website called Standup Girl!
Judy Rebick is the girl on the left. Gwendolyn is the girl on the right.
Judy is middle age. Gwen is 30 weeks and sleeping.
So for the “women’s rights” lobby out there, tell me again why the girl on the left has more rights than the girl on the right?
Besides, wasn’t the girl on the left like the girl on the right at one time?
Why does the girl on the left have a problem with the girl on the right having the same rights that she enjoys?

Gwendolyn has no rights under Canada’s open season on the unborn. Only “big women” have rights in Canada. “Little women” have no rights. Some of these “big women” think “little women” should be sacrificed for the sake of “choice” and “women’s rights”. What kind of sham is this?


2 thoughts on “Little Women Have Rights Too

  1. Hi again, John!

    My mother, wife and I were just discussing this. It’s just one of the those wonderous conundrums and logical gaps that any pro-abortion advocate has to come to terms with. I mean, the notion that a woman has to sacrifice her child because of her career/relationship/reputation is about as mysoginistic and anti-woman an idea can get.

  2. Precisely. As if conceiving and bearing a child was not a constituent part of what a woman is!

    Fertility is not a disease but they treat it like it is.

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