Little Hand, Big Forceps

This is a reanactment of a real life surgery that saved the life of Samuel Armas, whose spina bifida was repaired by doctors at Nashville ‘s Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 1999. The photo of Samuel’s tiny hand grasping his doctor’s finger has become an icon of the human nature of the unborn.

Here is the actual picture of Samuel hand gasping the doctor’s finger:

This picture and the video above show the stark reality of the great lie that is abortion. No society can live in a state of perpetual contradiction — on the one hand, taking extraordinary measures to save a life as in the case of little Samuel while on the other hand using this instrument

to rip out the another child at the same level of development and destroy him. This is the great poverty that is relativism which the Pope has lamented since even before his pontificate began. What one moment can be a sign of wonder can in another moment be a sign of horror. If the mother of Samuel Armas had merely changed her mind at that instant and demanded an abortion, the doctor could have simply killed the child with no legal consequences.

Relativism leads to extreme stupidity. And stupidity (or darkness of the intellect) is brought about by sin.

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