4 thoughts on “Little Girls?

  1. I have reached the point of no return with that party. Whle there are some pro-lifers in it, All others should be targetted for defeat. Who gives a rip if the Liberals get back in? It won’t make a shred of difference to us so-cons anyway… except, hopefully that it will either wake up the Tories (Fat chance) or be the catalyst that makes the po-lifers reconsider their future: With the CHP Federally, or FCP at the provincial level.
    When you look at the clout the NDP has had as the proverbial tail wagging the dog even with a handful of seats, so cons would likely have more clout as a small CHP Bloc in Parliament than they do as Harper’s trained seals.

    • There are many pro-lifers in the party. But they are poorly co-ordinated and outmanoeuvred.

      The CHP is well motivated but going no-where. They should rebrand themselves e.g. as the Mapleleaf Party, and target only those seats where non pro-life Tories are standing. This could easily split the vote sufficiently to cleanse the party.

  2. Let’s throw everything we have into defeating that little weasel Scott Armstrong. This is the little sock puppet who was elected in the by-election to replace Bill Casey who left the Harper caucus in disgust to sit as an independent, and then resigned for health issues.
    Jim Hnatiuk, leader of the CHP ran against him and unfortunately did not win.
    The riding was Cumberland-Colchester Musquodoboit Valley in Nova Scotia.
    Armstrong must be defeated. He’s a coward unfit for office.

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