Little Girl With Down Syndrome Takes Modeling World by Storm

The London Telegraph newspaper features a story on little Taya Kennedy, a 14-month-old girl who has Down’s Syndrome but has taken the modeling world by storm. The camera loves her and she now has her own modeling agency that is booking her gig after photogenic gig.

Kennedy is just another example of the joy such children and people with Down syndrome bring to the world but who, tragically, see their lives snuffed out by abortion at a 90 percent rate.

From the story:

‘Taya is an incredibly photogenic, warm and smiley child, and that shines through in her photographs,’ says Alysia Lewis, owner of Urban Angels, the prestigious UK model agency that has signed her up.

‘We only open our books twice a year and select just a few new children each season.

‘The standard is high; the desire for places strong. Taya is one of 50 children we chose from 2,000 applicants.

‘That she has Down’s Syndrome did not enter the equation. We chose her because of her vibrancy and sense of fun. Not all children are comfortable in front of a lens and with a photographer looking at them — especially when they are so young. But Taya was so relaxed and happy. She was just what we were looking for.’…(Source)

Love them. Don’t Kill them.

One thought on “Little Girl With Down Syndrome Takes Modeling World by Storm

  1. SO LOVELY!!!

    I remember the impression that was imprinted deep in my memory about some youth with Downs’ syndrome I was Blessed to meet when I was about 17 years of age.

    It being one of wonder great respect, and desire to HAVE what so obviously shines through their beautiful faces, attitudes and manner- They exuded Joy, peace, childlike
    wisdom, and the ability to see through and discern what is important and not. If they had to cry they did, they appeared above all honest , and lacking in , and any form of pretense, (I wondered to myself, if they were capable of it.)

    I KNEW, even back then, even though I had wandered from the Faith of my childhood, that these people had much to teach me. I yearned for it, and was again, drawn to seek out whatever “secret” they seemed to possess that seemed to make t them less vulnerable to the lies of the world and its trappings, or, at least not enslaved to the world and its lies, shall we say.

    A friend of mine, back then, I remember used to tell me his Christmases’ were made more beautiful than one could imagine, because he spent it with his “children”. He was not married, and had no children of his own, that I knew of, but he worked at Le Pavilion in Gatineau and worked with children with Downs syndrome.

    I remember saying to people, that many of us with so called “intellectual ” abilities, and and our own conceived idea of vast intelligence failed to see that these people can teach us so much. I remember being humbled also thinking, the average person, may think (wrongly) that these are “poor souls” and they are to be pitied or condescended to. I remember thinking that no, we are the poor souls, and we are so blind we cannot see how close to God they are and how He is smiling so brightly with them, and they are in such close unity with Him, they cannot help but smile and laugh back.

    How dare we assume we know better than God when He creates Such Beauty in ALL His Children. Lord Have Mercy and Thank You for showing me Who You Are in Everyone.

    We have become old and clouded by our “education” and we cannot even see True Innocence, True Wisdom and True Beauty when it is starkly staring at us, right in front of our faces.

    God Have Mercy and remove our blinders, so we see ALL
    your so-called less endowed, (in any way), for who they are …YOUR magnificent Creation,
    Made just in your Image
    and for You.

    Frances Wilkinson

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