Little Black Book Just in Time for Christmas at Walmart

Courtesy of Walmart. Check it out here.

About the Book
Check it out: not just a book about sex, but a look at girl culture by teenagers. No stuffy school textbook. No nosy adults. (Do you have to be so damn obvious that you are trying to usurp our rights to our children?)

Just a diverse group of teen girls from a community youth project who had questions about sexuality. To find answers, they collected stories, poetry and artwork from other youth. They also interviewed frontline health experts to get solid facts about the personalities and pressures that young women have to deal with. (Pressures that are not coming from this book at all.)

It’s a great mix of real-life examples and life-saving info. Topics include: Relationships Periods Sex Birth control Pregnancy Sexually transmitted infections/AIDS Sexual assault.

All the content has been vetted by doctors, and the book is endorsed by health professionals — so girls know they’re getting good info. (Well, why didn’t you say so! And here I was getting concerned as a parent. Silly me.) There’s also a section at the back with places to contact to find out more. (I bet.)

It’s all stuff that youth need to know, and it’s all decked out in a compact, easy-to-browse zine style. The Little Black Book for Girlz is an important, take-anywhere empowerment guide. Girls shouldn’t leave their teen years without it. (Of course. Recruitment is everything.)


Brings a whole new meaning to “ho ho ho”.

Just in time for the Christmas season. A perfect stocking stuffer!

Now you too can teach your daughter about the glories of lesbian sex!

Now that Walmart is part of the Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, you’ll be sure to get a prime discount.

And how shall I wrap that for you?


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