Listen to Your Body!

Dr. Jeff Mirus recently wrote a great article that I highly recommend. The link is below.  He points out how people in modern societies have lost their understanding of what their body is.  This has been a source of many societal and individual problems.

I’ve copied a key quote below.  Even though the author primarily talks about the body and sexuality in this article, the quote below makes a very deep point about all human activity.

The philosophical dualism which defines the person in terms of his consciousness, while defining the body as an instrument to be manipulated, lies at the heart of what is called “the new morality”. Those old enough to recall the rapid moral shift which took place beginning in the 1960’s will also recall that the thirst to embrace the new morality was driven primarily by sexual desire; the new morality was, in effect, a rationalization for sexual licentiousness (generally called “liberation”). This same effort to rationalize has rather obviously been the engine of nearly all non-orthodox moral theology over the past two generations, just as it has been the cause of most of the rejection of Church authority—and indeed of many of the scandals that have weakened that authority—during the same period. (Source)

It’s a natural tendency for humans to want to yield to their basic impulses at whatever level: anger, greed, pride, jealousy, etc.  But as smart beings, we’re also very clever at rationalizing these decisions, i.e. trying to twist reality to make it seem like our decadent behaviour or that of our loved ones “makes sense” or doesn’t hurt anybody.

This is also obvious among liberal theologians.  Don’t be fooled.  These so-called experts haven’t discovered anything “new” about human nature or divine revelation that could justify radical changes to morality.  They’re simply yielding to their basic impulses and looking for an ex post rationalization so that their consciences can feel at ease.

This is a trap.  The first step in overcoming this is to realize that we’re all guilty of such rationalizations on a regular basis.  The key is to cling to the Truth, even if it’s hard.  Don’t yield to impulses that are looking for legitimacy through some illusory logic.  This awareness and knowledge empower us to be honest with ourselves and with God.  At that point, God empowers us to make changes in our lives, as long as we’re open to his influence.

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