Linda Gibbons To Kick Off 40 Days for Life in Ottawa!

To all 40 Days for Life Captains and Parish Reps,

Please see the announcement regarding a significant addition to the kick off rally for this coming Tuesday evening.  Linda Gibbons, as you know, has spent most of the last 10 years in jail for counseling women against abortion at Toronto abortuaries. Linda will join us at ground zero and will speak for a short time.

If your pastor agrees, the following is a suggestion for the after/before mass announcements. I am really excited about the kick off and hope that with your presence we will fill the entire area at the corner of Bank and Sparks. Please do your best to spread this message. It is after all ‘hot off the press” that Linda will join us.  See you there.

2 thoughts on “Linda Gibbons To Kick Off 40 Days for Life in Ottawa!

  1. Great news that Linda will be there. A celebrity sacrificial victim. Do you have a “Calendar Link” for signing up to pray at the clinic, for other times than the ones for reading scripture?

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