Linda Gibbons: Pro Life Heroine

This past weekend, I made it out to my first “Show the Truth” campaign at Merivale and Meadowlands.  Speaking for myself, I have to admit that “showing the truth” has caused me a bit of discomfort.  I think it does for everyone, irrespective of the necessity of doing it.  It’s not so much about it having to be done.  It’s entirely moral and licit do it.  In fact, it’s necessary.  The discomfort comes when we advocate for and defend a practice that we, ourselves, might not be inclined to participate in personally.    That’s not particularly wrong since we’re not all called to do the same things in the Pro-Life movement, but for me, I just can’t hack that.  If I believe in something and advocate for it,  I’ve just got to do it to prove to myself that I’m not a hypocrite. 


This Saturday I got my opportunity and visited the “truthers” on Merivale and Meadowlands.  I went there to visit Pro-Life heroine, Linda Gibbons, whom I had never met personally.   As we chit-chatted, she thanked me for my Pro-Life activism and the sacrifices that I’ve made.  I was a little more than embarrassed.  Here was a giant in the Canadian Pro-Life movement – a grandmother who had spent a total of 9 years and 9 months in prison – thanking me for my activism?  “Oh, this is rich”, I thought to myself.  So I said to her.  “My goodness, Linda, my efforts are but a few feet to your miles of work.”   Here was a post-abortive woman who had spent nearly a decade in prison for peacefully and lovingly exercising her God-given right to free speech outside of abortion mills to save unborn children and their mothers from an unspeakable tragedy.   Free speech is still guaranteed in Canada — except when it’s abortion and the speech takes place outside Canada’s abortion mills. Then the muzzle comes on and Canadian grandmothers get thrown into prison – all so we can protect the legacy of horny middle-aged men from the 60s who wanted their mistresses to procure abortions and uphold their slick sales pitch of abortion as a “woman’s right”.

Salvation comes to us in ways and through people who we would otherwise not expect.  Remember King David as the Shepherd boy against Goliath?  Jesus as the King of Kings was born in a simple manger and in poverty.  Joan of Arc was a peasant girl who led a nation to victory.  Judeo Christian history is littered with such heroes.  And we have them in our midst today, but do we recognize them for who they truly are?

These brave men and women who forsake their own reputations to uphold the sanctity of human life are reviled by many in our society and even in the Catholic Church.  But didn’t Our Lord call it? 

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. – Matt 5:11

2 thoughts on “Linda Gibbons: Pro Life Heroine

  1. Thank you for this post, John.!
    Great pictures Of Linda and all.
    It was good to see you come visit us

    The more one does this the more one is reminded of
    “But for the Grace of God go I…” and it will eventually humble even the proud (does ANYONE have a right to be…proud…not from the God I serve)…so they can really minister as Jesus desires us too. With the love and mercy of His and our Blessed Mother Marys’ hearts combined.

    Love will move and change peoples hearts, and we must trust God that when we pray…He WSILL and Does indeed move mountains…one step at a time.
    Problem with Gods’ children is we forget…we all
    contributed to this stumbling block that has become a mountain and we need to recognize that and know in HIS time it will fall.

    I personally think it will not be too long away if we all continue to pray and continue telling and showing the Truth in love and all honesty.
    He wants us to have contrite hearts, and remember we must tell them the Good News!!!
    Let them see that in our witness.

    We cry when He and Our Blessed Virgin and Mother Mother Mar cry, let us also rejoice whe people come to the Truth that will lead them to Salvation.

    Above all…Let hearts know Your Love Lord and Your Undying Mercy and Truth, that You alone are all that matters, and You can make all things new.

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