One thought on “Linda Gibbons: A Prisoner of Conscience

  1. Cold blooded murder is wrong not only because real Christians object to it, but because it violates the Moral Law.
    All moral positions impose values on others, and the moral position that says one should not impose values on others, does just that. If we do not restrain people legally form killing their unborn children, then we impose on the children and culture the effects of the wrong doing. Many calling themselves Christians have not had a very good record for seeing this for what it is. They have not seen the consensus that is based on God as being the Law giver and what that naturally brings forth in Western Civilization, and the totally different Darwinian Humanist material, chance view of reality and what that is naturally bringing forth. The West is now Darwinian Humanist Pagan and so are many in the church, or the Christian worldview would not have been removed from government and education by decree. I call this Atheism by establishment.
    We ought to vote for only pro family traditional politicians who pass pro family Bills into Law in Parliament. It is sad to see Canada as part of Paganism by establishment where Linda Gibbons and pro-life people are vilified.

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