Like Obama, the Canadian Church’s Social Justice Industry Hopes to Cool the Earth


Your Excellency;

It is with regret that I find it necessary to write you during this busy Advent Season.  This past weekend I was quite upset by the initiative put out by Development and Peace.  As a convert to the faith in November 2006, I have been quite distressed by what I have been witnessing in the Church in regards to poor Catechesis but this past weekend was the first time I experienced grave concerns about D&P.   Although there are many positive points to the pledge put out in our Parish last weekend,  the fact that the initiative was linked in any way to Global Warming is very disturbing.  It’s bad enough I have to endure the secular media go on about this unfounded theory whose bottom line is ‘anti-life’,  but that I had it thrown at me in Church, in Advent, was over the top.   I had always been sceptical about the whole Global Warming nonsense when Al Gore’s movie came out in 2006, and I was greatly relieved to come across this wonderful Catholic Investigative Agency’s analysis of Global Warming.  It was comforting to have my suspicions confirmed once and for all.  I just happen to have an extra copy of this DVD and thought perhaps it may be of value to you.  There is also a computer resource CD that contains all the research data that went into this production.  I pray that our Archbishop, armed with this knowledge, will put a stop to further tainting our experience at Mass with more propaganda in regards to Global Warming, released by D&P.  To feel it necessary to educate the faithful about this nonsense with the HUGE crisis of faith is very upsetting.

 Please be assured of my prayers.  In fact, this past fall I had a Novena of Masses said  for your intentions.

Respectfully Yours,

Socon or Bust Reader


From the same reader…

Here’s a link to the garbage I had to look at last weekend.    Many people signed it and placed it in the offering tray as requested.  I wrote my name, mentioning I couldn’t sign it because GW was ‘anti-life’ etc.

One thought on “Like Obama, the Canadian Church’s Social Justice Industry Hopes to Cool the Earth

  1. The CCCB’s social affairs commission published in 2008 a document called Our Relationship With the Environment: the Need for Conversion. It was a sloppy, inaccurate piece of theological work, poorly referenced, and steeped in global warming ideology. Probably written by someone outside the bishops, and got in without proper vetting. These kinds of things need to be cleaned up.

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