LifeSiteNews to question Fr. Gravel’s bishop regarding $500,000 lawsuit against LSN

The really interesting and perhaps heretofor point not appreciated in this article are the dates.

The first of Gyapong’s articles, published in the BC Catholic, provides an overview of the status of the lawsuit case and mentions it is likely that the trial date will be in either 2013 or 2014 because of the complexity of the case.

June 5, 2015. 

That’s the date that Bishop Lussier, Gravel’s bishop in Joliette, Quebec, turns 75

Depending on how long the trial goes and how long it will take to get a new bishop installed might very well determine whether Gravel will even be able to get a verdict.  Why?  Because Rome is most certainly playing the waiting game and watching their clock.  When the bell tolls on June 5, 2015 in Rome, the phone will be ringing in Bishop Lussier’s office asking for his required mandatory resignation at the age of 75.

Then the fun starts, as Fr. Gravel has already hinted.  The next bishop he gets won’t be the push-over that Lussier was. In fact, his new bishop will most certainly demand that he drop the lawsuit or be kicked out of the priesthood in order to protect the Church’s religious freedom.  Gravel will then have to make his decision.  He might decide to keep going with the lawsuit, but he might not be a priest when he hears the verdict.  The bishop may even order Gravel to return the money to LifeSite, should he win.  If there is justice in the Church, that’s what should happen if he were to win.

In the mean time, much of the fault for this mess can be placed directly at the feet of Bishop Lussier and his refusal to discipline his priest. It’s going to weaken religious freedom in this country and give the State even more precedence to insert itself into religious affairs where it has no place being.  And the other bishops of this country are at fault as well, for not pressing Lussier to demand that Gravel cease and desist.  


5 thoughts on “LifeSiteNews to question Fr. Gravel’s bishop regarding $500,000 lawsuit against LSN

  1. Blessing on your desire to bring Traditional Family Values to the Ontario Legislature John. When we and our friends organized Canadians to raise the age of sex consent in Canada in 2008, to put an end to rotten Supreme Court of Canada Law and evil legislation, that allowed the legal sexual exploitation of Canadian Children by perverse adults and succeeded, the majority of the people who helped us were agnostics. Many of these young people left Protestantism and Catholicism, because of Politically Correct Relativism, masquerading as Christian doctrine. This disgusted them to the boiling point of no return. These people believe God and live by The Ten Commandments more than most. Imagine what these false prophets are teaching Deacons. This ought to be cleaned up or the real Canadian Church will be forced underground. The Edifices that are above ground ought to be making a difference in Canadian Laws, life and Justice if they are to remain relevant.

  2. “Bush-League”? Nonsense. I cannot tell you how many times the thoroughly researched posts here at SoCon have motivated and helped me.

    Prayers for you and your family.

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