LifeSiteNews’ Detailed Response to Canadian Bishops’ Whitewash Report on Development and Peace

Editorial by John-Henry Westen and Steve Jalsevac

OTTAWA, June 29, 2009 ( – Yesterday, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) released their report concerning the Mexican partners of their international development arm – Development & Peace. Given the very clear and incontrovertible evidence made available by confirming that the groups have advocated for abortion, it was astonishing that the report whitewashed the matter, saying: “we believe the allegations by Lifesite News … are not founded on the facts.”

Distortion of LSN Allegations

The report says that “the allegations by Lifesite News” consisted of the allegation “that financial assistance by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP) aided projects related to the promotion of abortion.”  However, LSN never reported that CCODP (D&P) was aiding “projects related to the promotion of abortion.” Instead, we provided substantiated evidence that the groups, which received funding for various non-abortion related projects, were also engaged in pro-abortion advocacy. 

Given that three members of D&P led the bishops in their investigations, such distortion is probably not surprising.  It was D&P that began misrepresenting our reports by claiming we were making such allegations.  As early as March 24, only 12 days after LSN broke the story, we were already addressing the misrepresentation and D&P’s avoidance of the real issues.  We repeated over and over again that the evidence in our stories confirmed that the funded groups were involved in abortion and contraception advocacy – not that D&P was funding abortion-related projects.

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