LifeSite News Banned Again

SAINTE-ADELE, Quebec, September 17, 2012 ( – For the second year in a row, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has rejected a LifeSiteNews’ request for media accreditation to the “public” sessions of the bishops’ annual plenary assembly.

CCCB communications director Rene Laprise informed LifeSiteNews Sept. 12th that its application (filed August 10) had been rejected again. “After having verified with the authorities of the Conference, I wish to inform you that your request has been denied and that you will not be granted access to this year’s meeting,” wrote Laprise….

Well, here we go again.  It is really pathetic that they think they can ban bad press by banning the press.  I mean, this is like school boy stuff that even the politicians don’t try for obvious reasons.  Has no one at the CCCB figured out that the issue here is credibility and transparency, and that you really don’t get gold stars for banning reporters?

Very few people really care about the CCCB’s annual conference.  The secular media don’t care and the lapdog Catholic press only care because they are forced to cover it, as their editors need to justify their existence and pretended relevance.

The only people who have a keen interest in it is us and, really, that’s only because we want to know what they are going to do with Development & Peace and the rest of the social justice fraud that the CCCB and its bishops have been scamming the Faithful with these past 40+ years.  The Church and the world is not in the position that we’re in because the bishops have been doing their job on life and family issues.  Like that’s a newsflash, eh?

The Catholic bishops of Canada should take a cue from Cardinal Bertone and correct themselves when validly criticized and stop playing Marie Antoinette and dismissing anyone who bends their noses to the truth or sheds the light on the darkness they persist in wallowing in.

Oh and by the way, Socon or Bust will be featuring another D&P pro-abort partner during the CCCB’s plenary session.   We’ve haven’t let the fact that they’re still hiding the list of their new partners from the public dissuade us from the dirt.  Stay tuned.

If the CCCB wants to play hardball, then Socon or Bust is up to the game.  To say that yours truly is quite pissed would be an understatement, but you know, I’m really getting used to the kind of “dialogue” that the Canadian Bishops have demonstrated throughout this whole fiasco. I much prefer this open and scandalous backhand to the complicated stuff around a table, when we hold hands, sing a song by Dan Schutte, S.J. and pretend that things are moving forward.

Maybe they can invite Gregory Baum to the next Plenary as the next keynote speaker to instruct them on Vatican II, just before the big shing ding at S-P-Ewwwwwww.

2 thoughts on “LifeSite News Banned Again

  1. Meh. life site news banned ME FROM disqus comments in THEIR BLOGS. No reason given. No warning. I wrote nothing improper or impertinent. So personally, I don’t blame the Canadian bishops. If they want open access, they certainly don’t extend that same courtesy to others.

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