LifeCanada petition in support of M-312

Dear Fellow Pro-Lifer

As you know, Stephen Woodworth’s Motion M-312 is generating a lot of discussion about the beginnings of human life.

Please sign this petition to Parliament from and help continue to generate momentum. We need to keep this story on people’s minds, and not to mention show that there is a lot of support for the unborn child.

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If you are on facebook, please join this event page I created for the petition. It allows you to join and then easily invite all your Canadian pro-life facebook friends to sign:

2 thoughts on “LifeCanada petition in support of M-312

  1. Just sent a letter to my MP, Rob Nicholson, asking what his vote will be. Forwarded the letter to all the local papers and all the local Catholic Churches including the one that both he & my family regularly attend.

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