One thought on “Life Chain sweeps the United States, Canada this Sunday

  1. Not that long ago children started school with the Lord’s prayer in Canada. We had The Ten Commandments on Government, Law and Education Establishment walls. Criminals did not like this.
    Then in The Sixties those in power decided to change Western Civilizations Creed, from The Culture Of Life to The Culture Of Death and morbidity, by government and court decree.

    I am reminded of the The Sixth Commandment, thou shall not kill, with the seventh and last commandment the hogs in power gave to the animals of ”Animal Farm”, All animals are equal. The animals liked their commandments but as time went on the hog in power got more greedy and changed the seven commandments to only one which read,” All Animals Are Equal, But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others.”

    Blessings to all who stand up to be counted for The Culture Of Life.

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