Life Chain 2014 – Get out of the way

Unlike last year’s Life Chain where we experienced some rather cold and rainy weather, today’s event occurred on a sunny and crisp Autumn day.   We had a good turn out at Merivale and Meadowlands in Ottawa with about 70 people turning out.  This year’s event was marked by lots of noise, particularly honking.   I wasn’t really paying attention whether the honking was accompanied by smiles and waves or if they were accompanied by the middle finger.  Someone told me after the Chain was over that it was about a 10:1 ratio in our favour.  That’s good news.

After the first 10 minutes or so, I made my way away from the sidewalk and took my place on Piggy, Piggy Island so I could get the most attention at the traffic coming from all directions.  I don’t know what it was this year, but I didn’t feel anxious at all.  Not a damn bit.  We have a job to do so we need to do it and not worry about the consequences.  Blessed are those who don’t worry about their reputation, or what other people think of them for the sake of the unborn.  A great and terrible day is coming when every man and woman will be held to account for what they did and what they did not do in support of these innocent babies.  Because to reject them is to reject Jesus.  And you can’t go to heaven if you’re murdering Jesus, or standing by foolishly, letting it happen.

Away from me foolish servant, for I never knew you! 

There were two notable incidents that occurred this year.  The first was quite sad.  Some foolish kid yelled out of the passenger’s side of this one car,  “Abort all the babies!”.   Think of that for a moment.  It’s no longer about choice. It’s just about mass murder to avoid responsibility.   In principle, our opponents have no problem with this because they believe in absolute choice, and absolute choice means to leave open the possibility of total annihilation of the entire human race.  This is the great sadness and poverty of abortionism.

The other incident was also quite upsetting.  As I was standing there on the island, taking about 1 foot of the space of a 12 foot concrete pad, this woman was walking towards me from the opposite side.  As she approached me, she did not move to her immediate right where she had 11 feet to pass by.  Instead she walked right towards me and stopped about six inches away.  “Get out of the way”, she said abruptly.  So I stepped to the left and let her pass.  As I stood there, I thought to myself about how poignant the whole thing was.   I had every right to stay as I was.  I was not obstructing anything and she did not have any legal right to make me move.  She was just being a bully…like all pro-aborts are.   I could have held my ground and told her to sod off, but we all know what could have happened, and there’s a no-win situation with people in the pro-life movement in this situation.  The calls to shut us down would have been too great if there was any kind of self-defense on my part.  So I just let it go.  But as I stood there reflecting on her command, “get out of the way”, I realized that it was so emblematic of the whole pro-abortion movement towards anyone or anything that is in their way, whether that’s the unborn baby who is mercilessly removed from “their way” or whether it’s their opponents who have every right to the public square.

Pro-abortionists are just bullies at heart.

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One thought on “Life Chain 2014 – Get out of the way

  1. It is the life sides democratic responsibility, to get out the truth about the so-called “neutral” religious/worldview of the death sides Secular Paganism!

    Anti-Christian Legislation and Law in Western Society comes from Political and Judicial fiat which started in 1962.The School Lord’s Prayer was considered unconstitutional in 1962 by The United States Supreme Court.The New Western State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion of so-called “neutral” Secularism in Government,Law and Education was now considered constitutional.This new State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion spread like wildfire throughout The Former Christian Western World in Government,Law and Education.The consequences of this so-called Politically Correct Secular Worldview/Religion is the indoctrination of Western society in the tenets of Secular Paganism,as legalized human rights starting with Kindergarteners!

    Citizen Referendums are essential to good democracy.Every voter ought to make sure our politicians make righteous laws that everyone has to live by,including politicians and judges. A righteous Church also keeps it’s Bishop’s etc., in line with Christ’s teaching. A time is approaching when Anti-Christ will have his World Religious and Political leader in place,which the majority of the globe will follow.Today there are many Anti-Christs in positions of authority as Saint John predicted. All of my contemporaries in The Western World started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer led by their school teachers.This was because our Parents,Grandparents and Priests were politically involved in our democracy to keep it that way. Remember Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity from Paganism in about the year 307.

    Then starting in 1962 Judicial and Political tyranny changed the official State sanctioned Worldview/Religion to so-called “neutral” Secularism in Government,Law and Education. Political apathy,indifference and complaisance of Western Democratic Voting Citizens allowed this “new” State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion to be imposed on everyone ,including Kindergarteners, as Secular human rights.This left Christianity in the hands of Secular Bishops,Priests and Pastors.Thus this further fractured the faith of people,as they started being led by all sorts of different kinds of Priests with their own interpretations of Christianity. The majority of our Democratic Secular Society and Church fell for the so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Lie Politically.

    Now school children are taught in the evil tenets of secular morality,law and religion by adult teachers and homosexual activists from Kindergarten to University,thus indoctrinating “all” professions.Heterosexuals reproduce,but being less than 2% of the population homosexuals recruit by any means allowed them. Only the Secular Worldview /Religion brings our society back to Paganism, where these activities also were sanctioned by Government,Law, Education and Religion. In this way of State Sanctioned indoctrination, Western Anti-Christian Political,Judicial,Religious and Educational leaders can fool almost all the people all the time.The ones who do not conform to the tenets of Politically Correct Secularism will be put in jail for breaking secular law,as Ruth Lobo,Dr.Chris Kempling and others are being subjugated.Pro-abortionists etc., are being indoctrinated in schools,as secular human rights. In a democracy this is caused by political indifference.Who will you follow Politically, Christ or Barabbas?

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