Life Chain 2012 – Building A Culture Of Life One Motorist At A Time

Pacheco girls with friends at 2012 LifeChain.
Tonya (8) and Sophia (6) Bottom Right. Clarissa (14) Pink Sweater. Emma (12) Back Row Curly Hair.

Yesterday, my family headed out to the annual LifeChain at Merivale and Meadowlands in Ottawa.    It was an overcast day with drizzling rain throughout the day.  I found this year’s Life Chain more animated and boisterous than in prior years.  Motorists were more vocal in their support and opposition.

Once again, I noticed that we received many more signs of support than rejection – although the middle finger figured prominently this year among the more expressive of our opponents. 

When I’m holding my sign, I always attempt to make eye contact with motorists.  It’s important to do that because we need to show the public that we’re not there just to have a chat or for a church social gathering.   I don’t stare, of course.  That’s not proper etiquette. We need to show people that we are quite normal, and have a pleasant yet serious comportment about ourselves.   Just a few seconds for each car.  “Yep. You got that right. I’m here to convey a message to you.  I hope that you think about this message.” It’s very powerful. Much more powerful than a billboard since people understand that it takes courage to peacefully stand up for unpopular beliefs in public.  It gains the pro-life movement respect – irrespective of what a motorist’s position is on the question of abortion.

We had about 100 people out this year – which was a pretty good turnout and more than last year.  In fact, this year’s LifeChain had quite a large contingent of young adults.  The demographics of the Pro Life movement is shifting significantly as it becomes younger and younger with every passing year, while the pro-abortion forces are becoming as stale and old as their stupid slogans.

We also had more families out with their young kids.  I felt emboldened by that. I did have not butterflies this year. I felt a calmness and strength that were new. I am sure others felt it too.  It’s great to be part of the Pro Life movement in these times!

We’re winning and the other side knows it too.  Their foundations are starting to shake.  They’re desperate and their frustration and desperation is showing in public, while we remain cool, calm, and collected. It’s a great privilege to fight and suffer for something that has an eternal meaning.  Many Christians of past generations did not have this privilege. But we do.  Thanks be to God for that!

We also show a stark contrast to the yelling banshees who hurl invectives at us.  People see that and take note.  The Pro Life movement is joyful and resolute in our determination.  We will not back down and we will continue to grow in numbers and momentum.  Sooner or later, the politics of a country will reflect the Culture of Life that we are building.  It’s inevitable.

Past Life Chains:

4 thoughts on “Life Chain 2012 – Building A Culture Of Life One Motorist At A Time

  1. We had maybe 70 people out in Belleville yesterday, and the number of hostile drivers was way down from previous years. Lots of thumbs up, lots of “Right ons!” and friendly waves. Only a few twenty something girls and forty-something males making obscene gestures.
    Lots of young families and young adults as well came out. This year almost all Catholic.

    We are winning on abortion but losing badly on marriage. It was generally agreed that if we were promoting traditional marriage the hostility would have been more pronounced.
    Some of the guys want to try making a similar stand for marriage.

    Check out this video. That’s what we can expect to encounter on marriage, but we need to engage in that battle too, if we ever hope to win.

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