Life Chain 2011: A Confrontation

So yesterday was Life Chain, the annual first Sunday in October gathering across North America where pro-lifers take up the pro-life message on the streets and busiest intersections in town.

We had another pretty decent turnout again this year.  I estimate the same number as last year.  The reception among the motorists was more animated than prior years: more middle fingers and yelling but also lots of enthusiastic honking and thumbs-up.  Things are starting to “ratchet up”, as the saying goes.  We even had a little confrontation with a woman who approached some of our participants. I wasn’t there, because I had to take my little one to the little girl’s room.  From what my wife tells me, this poor soul was concerned about the cost of the funerals of women who die because of botched abortions.  This is what sells in our culture as an excuse to murder unborn life. 

Money and blackmail. 

Previous reports of past Life Chains:

3 thoughts on “Life Chain 2011: A Confrontation

  1. As long as we us the verifiable scientific data to state our case, the baby killers can only swear at us because they have no reasonable excuse for the murder of innocence.

  2. Science proves unborn babies are human beings who deserve our protection and nurture, and not Capital Punishment.

    Even though he was instructed in the worldview and new religion of Politically Correct Relativism,in Government, Law and Education, science and technology changed his mind. Dr. Bernard Nathanson showed us that, Real-time ultrasound, gives a moving picture of the child in the womb; electronic heart monitoring detects fetal heartbeats, brainwave monitors, measure brain activity, fetoscopy, allows a physician to actually eyeball the baby, and that simply astounded him.

    Techniques as cordocentesis even allow medical diagnosis, surgery and treatment in utero.

    Although he was trained at University to believe otherwise he concluded,”There was nothing religious about it I finally came to the conviction that this was my patient. This was a person! This was purely a change of mind as a result of fantastic science and technology.”

    Bernard Nathanson fastened an ultrasound machine to a woman undergoing an actual abortion, and produced ” SILENT SCREAM”, a film that justly horrified the nation. It showed the fetus trying desperately to move away from the vacuum , and then showed its body parts as they were successively sucked off. The film produced a massive campaign of defamation against Bernard Nathanson from The Politically Correct Relativists, who teach in our schools sex without meaning( Kinsey Sex Education) and murder without guilt( Abortion) from Kindergarten.

    This only made Bernard more determined to tell and show the truth, so he decided to show an abortion from inside the womb. He attached a camera to a fetoscope and inserted it during a D&E abortion. The resulting film was “ECLIPSE OF REASON”. Steve G. had pictures of this posted on this site not long ago showing the cut up pieces of the dead baby, after Medical Staff had dismembered him. This holocaust of innocent babies is disgusting.

    Abortion is the murder of babies! After the Second World War we indicted ten Nazi leaders at Nuremberg for,” encouraging and compelling Abortions” when Christian Canada in Government, Law, and Education considered Abortion,” A crime against humanity.” They said they did nothing wrong, and technically they were right, as the Nazi Supreme Court had made over 400 laws legalizing their holocaust. Most of Canada and the West were Christian in Government, Law and Education then, and did not get fooled by that PCR non-sense.
    Politically Correct Relativism teaches that all world views are equally true and beneficial.
    Politically Correct Relativism in Government, law and education try’s to make Reason out of non-reason, therefore it is non-sense and dangerous for those who need our protection and nurture the most.
    In a democracy the citizens elect the politicians who pass Bills into Canadian Law in our Legislatures and Parliament. Please support and elect Traditional Family Values politicians for a better future.

  3. Life Chain in St. John’s NL happened outside the abortuary there. About 30 to 40 people, mostly elderly, many K of C. For some reason, the organizers wanted everyone to hold white flowers instead of signs–unless that’s a “done thing” in St. John’s, I doubt the drivers would understand what was going on. One fellow had a sign, though, and as I stood beside him I saw that he got two middle fingers and and thumbs down from passers-by. He also got a half-dozen or so honk-and-waves.

    Pray for NL, it’s hurting badly.

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