Encouragement at Life Chain 2009

Yesterday afternoon, my family and I participated in the Life Chain as we do every year.  (That’s three of my four girls in the picture, with me in the background.) Life Chain is an annual pro-life demonstration which occurs at nation’s intersections and busy streets to call attention to the injustice of abortion.  It seems to be growing every year. This year at the Merivale/Meadowlands location in Ottawa, I estimated about 100-150 people.  We even had a CTV News Camera man filming the event this year.  The responses from the cars passing by was, once again, overwhelmingly positive.

Abortion is going to fall in this country. The only question is when.  Abortion was never demanded by the people of Canada. It was imposed on them because of the harlotry of the political class of this country, seeking to justify their own sin.  But unlike the imposition of abortion, our emancipation will come from the grassroots which will, through God’s grace, overturn it by prayer and then mass public mobilization and action.

As I prayed and looked at the cars passing by, I came to the realization that hearts were being swayed and we were giving encouragement and boldness to those who believed as we believed, to let them know that they were not alone.

“Encouragement.”   That was the word.

p.s. Check out the latest reports from Ground Zero

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