License to Kill

“You will come to know him as Trench,” the 18-page self-profile begins:

“He is not a people person. He has met a handfull (sic) of people in his life who are decent. But he finds the majority to be worthless, no good, kniving (sic), betraying, lieing (sic), deceptive mother f–ckers. Work sucks. School sucks. Life sucks. What else can I say.”

This sick young man actually had a lot of other things to say…


But to be more specific:

F___ng Religious People Who Think They Know Everything…..And Then They Stick It In Your Face Cuz’ They Think They Know Everything (They Don’t Understand That They’re Just A Bunch Of Little Sheep) Catholics…

Church Going Assholes

The World

Bible Thumpping Know-It-Alls

Damn I Gotta Lot Of Dislikes

Child Molesting Priests

All Priests


Racists Homophobes

Did I Mention That I Hate The World Pitbulls (They’re Too Dangerous) Waking Up


The City It’s Just So Damn Crowded

Warm Beer

The Human Race

So very unexpectedly, the social leftists and the liberal MSM are just clamoring to capitalize on the event, calling for tighter gun laws. I know it’s hard to believe, but stranger things have happened. The typical headlines are so painfully predictable: “Registry flares up” and “PM to look at toughening laws in wake of Dawson shooting”. My goodness, folks, registering guns is not going to stop the hate. Hate will always find away of killing…and getting the guns to do it. Are we so obtuse to think otherwise? But instead of recognizing this simple fact, our culture and the politicians who represent it refuse to acknowledge that we have lost any sense of an objective morality or any kind of appreciation for the sacredness of human life and the human person.

It takes courage to admit that we are wrong and that we are going in the wrong direction. And because we don’t have politicians with courage, we continue to go in the wrong direction. ‘Cause you know, the most important thing is staying elected, no matter what the cost. “It does not matter if the ship is sinking, just as long as I’m captain,” seems to be the order of the day. (Sidenote for Mr. Harper: if you don’t find your backbone on the internal culture war that is ravaging this country, no amount of freedom fighting in Afghanistan is going to mean a hill of beans. Your attention to the disintegration of this country would therefore be most appreciated. We don’t want more useless gun laws. We want a little bit of honesty, some moral courage and a dash of real leadership.)

Mr. Gill had no meaning in life. He hated God and he hated us “Church Going Assholes”. He hated people who claim there is meaning and purpose to our existence. He hated authority – civil or moral. Mr. Gill is a by-product of our sick culture, a culture of nihilism and death. Granted, he took his views to the extreme, but they are not at all inconsistent with a culture that sees everything as relative and nothing as absolute. That treats human life, the Christian faith, and meaning to life as arbitrary and quaint ideas.

Let us not delude ourselves. There will be more killing rampages. There will be more laws to “protect us”. There will be less freedom.Why did Mr. Gill kill? Because he hated God and could find no meaning to his existence. Kinda like us.

We refuse to accept that without the search for truth, freedom is nothing but crass immoral license dressed up in a cheap disguise. In the case of Mr. Gill, the license he chose was a license to kill.

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