Liberals will not let it go

Speaking to reporters in Rome on October 16, Cardinal Reinhard Marx defended the interim report released by the Synod of Bishops and reiterated his early statement of support for a change in Church teaching regarding the reception of Communion by Catholics who are divorced and remarried. “Saying that the doctrine will never change is a restrictive view of things,” the cardinal told reporters at a Vatican press office briefing. Cardinal Marx, who is president of the German bishops’ conference, said that most of the country’s bishops backed the proposal by his fellow German, Cardinal Walter Kasper. “We cannot change the Church,” Cardinal Marx said, “but we have not understood everything yet.” He stressed that the Church should serve all of the faith, not dividing them “into first class or second class or third class.” The German cardinal said that in his own country, pastors must take special care to help Catholics who marry others who do not share their faith. He reported that about half of all marriages by German Catholics today are not recognized as sacramental marriages, because Catholics are taking spouses who are not baptized. Cardinal Marx said that the final report from this month’s Synod meeting will be only a stage in a longer process, leading to another round of discussions at the Synod meeting next October, which will also be dedicated to the family. He said that while Cardinal Kasper had introduced the theoretical possibility of extending Communion to divorced and remarried Catholics, “for now there are no concrete proposals” for implementing that idea. Also at a Vatican press conference, Archbishop Georges Pontier of Marseille, France, said that the Synod fathers should not merely repeat familiar language regarding the Church’s teaching on marriage. “That’s not what the Holy Father wants,” he said. (Source)

This is not going to be a short fight.  We’re in this for the long haul.  It’s almost inconceivable that a Cardinal would say that doctrinal truth is “restrictive”.

Modernism. Pure and simple.


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