Liberals show their true colours re: petition

The petition that I setup denouncing the HRCs and in support of Mark Steyn just won’t die.  There is a pick-up of about 50 people per day. Not a barn burner, but at the same time, nothing to complain about either.  Support is coming in from all over the world. I think the petition has a shot at reaching 1000 by Sunday.  I am rather pleased with how it’s going.

Anyhow, I downloaded the petition for backup purposes ’cause, you know, some damn leftist will want to do his thing and hack the petition at some point.  In setting up the petition, I put in a category where I asked people to note their political allegiance:  “conservative, liberal or other”.  In perusing the entries, I noticed that of the 817 entries, there were exactly 12 people who describe themselves as “liberal”.

Big surprise there, eh?

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