Liberals pass resolution to end gay organ donor ban

At their convention in Vancouver this past weekend, Liberal Party delegates passed a resolution that supports lifting the ban on gay men from donating organs.

“Apparently it was a positive discussion, and it passed easily, so I was quite pleased about that,” says gay Toronto MP Rob Oliphant. “It seems to be a shift in the party in understanding that this is an issue of discrimination, not an issue of some trumped-up health issue.”….(Source)

Normally I would say this would be a great case for the courts, then I thought….not really.

Nobody is concerned with the facts.

So we all have to die because we won’t admit the truth about risky sex.

Remember, folks, sin makes you stupid.

One thought on “Liberals pass resolution to end gay organ donor ban

  1. Would someone please explain to me what the Krever Inquiry was for. Wasn’t it about tainted blood and was it not the longest inquiry in Canadian history? Obviously facts were not included or an important part of the decision making here.

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