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I’ve never before been embarrassed by a fellow Osgoode Hall Law School graduate until now.My fellow alumni are the three complainants behind the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal complaint against Maclean’s magazine for publishing supposedly “Islamophobic” articles, including columns by Mark Steyn. It is embarrassing that these complainants graduated from Osgoode Hall when it is apparent that their education seems to have lacked any lessons in the true meaning of civil liberty.


I’m no fan of Steyn’s, having personally experienced false vitriol from him. But I cannot comprehend that the complainants are soon to be lawyers in our democratic society and yet are seeking to force a publisher to print a lengthy response from these complainants. For good measure, if they get their way, the complainants also insist on control over the cover of that issue of the magazine.


What the complainants, including the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC), have done is to issue nothing less than an administrative fatwa against Maclean’s and Steyn, and they are seeking to have the human rights tribunal enforce this fatwa in the form of a judgment from the tribunal. Just as Ayatollah Khomeini once called for Salman Rushdie’s head, they are now calling for control of Maclean’s presses and won’t stop until they have it.

I wonder if these students appreciate the great irony that always occurs when censorship is involved: As a result of their case, undoubtedly more people have sought out and read the supposedly denigrating articles than would have ever done so in the normal course of events. There is perhaps no surer way to get people to read something than to tell them that they should not be allowed to read it.


The thing is, I understand how the complainants feel. They probably feel the same way I and other Jews feel when we go to the Canadian Islamic Congress website and read “editorials” with headlines such as: “Zionist Israel at 60 — A History Built on Ethnic Cleansing” and “Israel: An Armed Ghetto by Choice.”

Now that it has been a complainant, I wonder how the CIC would like being a respondent in a human rights tribunal?  (Source)

Edward Greenspan, the famous Canadian lawyer, wrote this.  I found it rather amusing that he would use the anti-semitic rantings of the CIC as a possible launch for a Human Rights Complaint. Maybe he’s sending them a message about what’s to come against them.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as they say.

Edward says he “cannot comprehend that the complainants are soon to be lawyers in our democratic society”.  Really, Ed? You mean to tell us you have absolutely no clue?  Why, that’s because you haven’t read Mark’s book.  We’re losing our democracy because we are losing our civilization to theirs.  You’d think that highly intelligent people and slick, high paid lawyers like Edward Greenspan would know how to count.

There’s no precedent for managed decline in societies as advanced as Europe’s, but the early indication is that it’s going to be expensive…For purposes of comparison, by 2050 public pension expenditures are expected to be 6.5% of GDP in the U.S., 16.9% in Germany, 17.3% in Spain, and 24.8% in Greece. In Europe, we’re talking not about the prospect of having to reduce benefits but about so long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, adieu, adieu, adieu to yieu and yieu and yieu.” (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.114)

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