Liberal Québec Catholics escalate the D&P war machine

The last few weeks have seen an escalation of the efforts by liberal Catholics in Québec to oppose any reforms to Development and Peace that would bring the organization in line with Catholic teaching. They have authored at least five new articles in the last few weeks.

I don’t have time to review each one in detail. It wouldn’t be worth your while anyways because their articles are very repetitive and slim on substance, opting  for name calling and stereotyped labels rather than interacting with the evidence.  But I’ll give you some highlights so that you can remain up to date on the agitation that’s occurring in Québec.

Item #1 is an article on the website of a Québec Catholic journalism association. They essentially whine about the fact that Campaign Life Coalition’s Québec branch is holding a pro-life conference in mid-May. In passing, they take a shot at Socon or Bust‘s coverage of how the Diocese of Trois-Rivières is publicly opposing the reforms to D&P being implemented by faithful bishops. But rather than provide their readers with the truth of what Socon or Bust unearthed about Trois-Rivières, this journalism association instead distorts our article by claiming that we’re merely upset that the “religious right” is being criticized. Oh pulease. This is another great example of media bias and obfuscation. The real message of our blog post, supported by cold hard facts, is that the Diocese of Trois-Rivières is publicly opposed to other bishops choosing to live the fullness of the Gospel. It’s shocking that a journalism association couldn’t get the basic facts of our story right.

Item #2 was an article published on the website of Radio Ville-Marie, a Catholic radio station in Montréal. This article is merely a collection of rants by liberal Catholics who claim that “integrists” and “conservatives” are seeking to undermine D&P because they don’t care for the poor.  At no point do they bother interacting with the hundreds of pages of evidence about D&P’s anti-Catholic activities. They just spew out diatribe. They also invoke the whitewash report from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. Apparently, they haven’t received the memo published two days earlier by LifeSiteNews that the report was a fraud.

The last three articles from Québec are a collection of belly-aching tirades from a Québec group called Culture et Foi (Culture and Faith). They are liberal to the core. Surfing through their website, it appears that Fr. Raymond Gravel is their patron saint. That tells you all you need to know.

Item #3 is a letter by Culture et Foi to the President of the CCCB to complain about Archbishop Prendergast’s decision to cancel the visit from a Mexican priest whose organization supports pro-abortion groups. Once again, these D&P supporters fail to address the evidence against D&P. They refer to the whitewash report, which was debunked 8 days before the date appearing on their letter. They also seem to think, as we’ve heard many times from D&P supporters, that since D&P is doing so much good in the Global South, nothing else matters. As if good works earn them a free pass to commit evil. As if social justice couldn’t be done without pushing abortion and condoms.

Item #4 is a letter of protest sent by a member of Culture et Foi directly to Archbishop Prendergast. This letter is so whacked that it’s hard to know where to start. They claim that the Archbishop is “afraid of social justice” and fearful of moving out of his comfort zone to help the poor. Pure dung. Referring to LifeSiteNews and RealCatholicTV, the letter expresses its surprise that a bishop would associate with people who hold views that are “so hateful, unnuanced and contrary to the Gospel.” They accuse the bishop of being misled by a “malevolent campaign of disinformation.” I’d love them to give a concrete example for any of these claims, but they don’t. Evidence doesn’t matter to these demagogues. Their letter is a long, boring guilt-trip.

Item #5 is an article posted on the website of Culture et Foi entitled “The nebulous Catholic integrism”. It calls on its members to defend D&P. They also claim that LifeSiteNews is attacking D&P under “false pretexts”. Once again, they fail to provide any evidence for this accusation. The rest of the article is very redundant with what was said above so I won’t bore you any longer.

Have  you noticed a pattern? They never interact with the evidence or provide facts to back up their assertions. They just bore you to death with platitudes, rants and guilt trips. They sometimes briefly mention the accusation that D&P is tied to abortion advocacy, but they dismiss it without further thought as if it wasn’t at odds with Catholic teaching. After all, anybody categorically opposed to abortion is “unnuanced”, you see. But they don’t even try to quote any Church teaching to justify their tolerance for abortion.

That’s why we’ll win and they’ll lose. Because we have the truth and the facts on our side.

That being said, there’s clearly no room for complacency. These folks aren’t going down without a fight. We need to keep up the pressure and the prayers. By the way, that’s another thing completely absent from their discourse: prayer. They never ask their members to pray for D&P to be protected. That says a lot.

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