Liberal Media Terrified of Pro Life Momentum, Refuses to Cover March for Life

Well, folks, here we go again.  After modest gains in the past few years of coverage for the March for Life, if you visit the websites of the CBC, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, CTV News, you’ll find bupkis on coverage for the March — or close to it. 

This is very bizarre.  It’s 11AM on the day after the March and what do we hear?  Yesterday, Sandy Rinaldo’s lead story was about the Senators’ expense claims.

What are we to make of this?  Well, the most logical explanation is that the Media are sensing a real shift on the abortion question and that’s why they are putting the lid on covering it.  In years past, they would cover it but try to spin it.  But for this year’s March, they have realized that the topic of Female Gendercide and the huge numbers that turned out are too much of a risk to the pro-abort establishment.

Does anyone really believe that if 25,000 people showed up on Parliament Hill for any other issue which did not threaten their sacred cow of abortion or any other secular sacrament that they would not be covering it around the clock?  Pulease. We all know the answer to that.  100 anarchists show up for any of their pet causes and it’s a major media frenzy to get the word out, man!

This is so pathetic that it’s embarrassing.

I don’t think they understand that every time they pull a stunt like this, they become that much more irrelevant.  But like all good socialists, they refuse to acknowledge that failing to live up to one’s responsibilities has consequences.

The CBC truck showed up and was there the whole March, but for some strange reason, their filming and other equipment wasn’t working so well.

I seriously considered filing a complaint with the CBC Ombudsman before the March happened because I knew this was going to play out…like it did in 2011 – except in 2011, the CBC actually covered the event.  This year, the CBC and the rest of the liberal MSM soiled themselves at the prospect of covering the largest annual political rally in this country’s history.

CBC’s “Truth Truck” at the March for Life in 2011:

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