Liberal Catholics Press Pope Francis On Reforms Of Curia, Women, And Gays

I like Pope Francis.

But I do not think his rather controversial and arguably offensive comments and actions to certain (faithful) quarters of the Church over the past few months have been particularly healthy for our Communion.

Prudence and the maxim “loose lips, sink ships” is particularly relevant to the man who is steering Peter’s barque.

Off-the-cuff, imprudent comments send the wrong message as we have seen in these past few days.

I said, off-the-cuff, imprudent comments, send the wrong message.

Now the Pope is going to have to disappoint, and he’s going to be hated even more than Benedict was.

Whether the Pope meant to convey the message that our adversaries are jumping on is really a moot point. The point is that this is how his words are being interpreted, and that, in the end, is where the rubber meets the road.

Either way, all of this is going to come to conclusion very quickly as the Liberals are going to be very disappointed because they are not going to get what they want…which  will only increase their fury against the Church as their last best hope will be in vain.

Which makes us then wonder what was the whole point of opening the crack of the door only to shut it in their faces?

I don’t think that’s particularly inviting, do you?

2 thoughts on “Liberal Catholics Press Pope Francis On Reforms Of Curia, Women, And Gays

  1. The activists and lobbyists among the liberals will certainly be disappointed. I couldn’t agree more.

    I can see a means for God to work through this confusion. Among the non-activist liberals, there are many people of good will who don’t know Christ and who are turned off by the demanding moral teachings. Slavery to sin will do that. But Pope Francis’ comments might induce some of these people to take a second look at the Church. They might fall in love with Christ, and before they know it, they’ve been surprised by Truth and start to take a more sober look at the moral teachings.

  2. The Pope can’t win so I don’t think he should bother trying.

    However, I think we can try to warn everyone that the media is full of crap when it comes to the pope.

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