Social “Justice” Liars & Weasels

Mr. Voris:

We have the same problem up here in Canada with Development and Peace, the official international development agency of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB). Last year LifeSiteNews, Priests for Life Canada and pro-life blogger John Pacheco found numerous instances of D&P funding NGO groups in Latin America and elsewhere whose websites indicated that they likely supported contraception and abortion. In one case there was even photographic evidence (taken by a young Canadian Catholic of my acquaintance on a field trip to Nicaragua to experience something of their poverty). When the news first began to break the CCCB hurriedly sent a delegation down to investigate the first few NGOs to be outed (in Mexico). Their ignoring of reports that began pouring out about other NGOs funded by D&P only made one suspicious that the whole “investigation” was simply a PR stunt (Lent was near, D&P main fund-raising period) and going to conclude with a whitewash. It did. A few bishops instead began attacking the integrity and even the Catholicity of LifeSiteNews and Pacheco.

I expect nothing to change either with the bishops’ conference here in Canada or in your country. Many of us have recognized D&P as a leftist organization virtually since its inception and nothing has ever been done by the CCCB to correct the situation. I will always remember how, when the Sandinistas deposed the Somoza government and took political and economic control of Nicaragua back in 1979, the movers and shakers at D&P could hardly hide their enthusiasm. All of a sudden partner organizations in Nicaragua became a great focus of their financial aid. It is all so very pathetic and disheartening.

– A Socon or Bust Reader


I tell you all most solemnly that unless there are massive and sweeping changes in how the Church operates its “social justice”, a formal break and separation is coming…

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