Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

 “The documents I have show that the Archbishop contacted the school board to ask what was going on and he was told the children were simply  observing. So in addition to not telling the truth to concerned parents  and the media, the board also failed to tell the Archbishop the truth.”


Well, at least the Archbishop took an active interest in this controversy.

Folks, I’ll tell you something that you might not have considered:  this whole thing will blow over and there will be no political consequences, of course.  But what it will do is lessen the trust the bishop has in the Board.  A couple more of these incidents, and God willing, he might have the gonads to end the façade of publicly funded Catholic education once and for all.  Ultimately, though, it’s up to the Church’s bishops to decide just how long they want to be taken for a ride and taken for fools.  Archbishop Prendergast is no fool, but frankly, he needs to get off of the train to no where and declare himself for authentic Catholic education.  And as far as the School Board is concerned, given their lie, a public rebuke is in order.  Or do we now teach our children that lying is acceptable?

When the Church gets serious about its own house, then it can seriously look at doing the New Evangelization.  Until then, it’s a dead letter going no where, except to announce that the Emperor has no clothes.

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