Letter to Archbishop Smith on the Never Ending D&P Abortion Scandal

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Monday November 12, 2012
Dear Archbishop Richard Smith,
I was pleased to learn in September that the fall campaign for Development and Peace had been put on hold. After the federal government announced cuts of $35 million of its funding to D&P over the next five years, followed by the poor ratings that D&P received (again) in Moneysense magazine this past summer, I assumed that a major revamping would occur. This was especially concerning as D&P still had 56 pro-abortion groups that were recipients of our Catholic donations. Equally concerning was the fact that the list of D&P partners have not been made available for the past year and a half. It is also widely know that there is dissention in the ranks of the bishops regarding D&P, and for good reasons.
This situation is very troubling for the average Catholic in the pew. How can you ask up to support an organization that gives money to pro-abortion groups, is not forthcoming with their partners, has been chastised by the federal government and gets consistently bad grades for their business practices?It is time for the Catholic bishops to shut down D&P. Catholics do NOT want their money to go towards fancy banners, glossy pamphlets and inky postcards; nor do they want to fund the bureaucracy that is necessary for D&P to exist. Catholics do NOT want to send “integral human development “or North American values to the Third World. What we DO want is to send genuine aid- specifically food and clothing and shelter. There are beautiful Catholic groups that are doing that already- Food for Children and Chalice come quickly to mind. I have purchased “Catholic chickens” from Chalice and sent poultry to the Third World. For years, my children have supported Dr. Simone in every way we can, including working in his warehouse. Where is the support of the bishops for these wonderfully Catholic groups that exist without controversy?
Your fall statement, Archbishop Smith, assures readers that “there is no cause for worry.” I think you are mistaken. I worry that the integrity of the Catholic bishops will be compromised because of their continued support of D&P. How can we look to our bishops for guidance, knowing that you are complicitly involved in supporting abortions in the Third World? How can we look to our bishops for guidance when D&P is not listing their donor groups and is asking us to give blindly? This situation is a grave and ongoing source of division, and scandal, for Catholics of good faith.
Yours sincerely,
Cc Bishop de Angelis, Archbishop Thomas Collins, Bishop Michael Mulhall, Archbishop Prendergast

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