Letter to All Ontario Bishops

From our friend over at Concerned Catholic Parents.

In light of this, maybe they’ll wake up.

I told them so:

…My fellow Canadians, at this critical moment in our history when our country is on the brink of moral collapse, all of us are faced with the central question: Shall we defend marriage or shall we retreat? If we retreat to buy a little time, what will become of our freedoms when our opponents seek to dictate what is taught in our schools, our churches, and even our homes? And what will be left for our children and their posterity? What will become of their freedoms? Of their divine right to practice their faith and enjoy their civil liberties? Will we lie to ourselves today and say it won’t impact us because we fear the sacrifices that come with it?…(Source)

In a telephone conversation before that rally in 2005 (6 years ago to this very day), I told 2 bishops that the Catholic Faith was endangered.  They didn’t get it.  So now our religious freedom is genuinely under attack.

Here’s the next prediction:  The Church goes underground.

It’s gonna happen, unless the Bishops fight like there’s no tomorrow, right now.  Because there won’t be a tomorrow…at least the kind of tomorrow we are use to living.

Wake up! Wake up!  And remember your solemn calling to defend the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith!

2 thoughts on “Letter to All Ontario Bishops

  1. They will not wake up. They do not get it at all. Because it would mean renouncing certain cherished beliefs and a worldview.

    The best predictor of future results is past results.

  2. That sounds pretty pessimistic Suzanne. Let’s pray for them. I don’t believe that the best predictor of future results is past results is always true. The future is not set in stone. This Good Friday, let’s all pray the rosary for the Canadian Bishops, because every soul is worth all the blood of Jesus Christ.

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