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    • @Bill Answer to your question: Because it’s TRUE! Hell and eternal damnation are not my favourite part of the Faith but I certainly can’t change the reality of it’s existence. How can someone not believe in good and evil in the world we live in?

    • Promises, promises,promises. The sheep are told what to believe with promises of everlasting “life”.

      The catholic church (and others) work with fear. The US government, since 9/11, has used this tactic also. With great success. It tends to work only on people who can not think for themselves.

      • I’m afraid you have your chronology backward. It wasn’t mankind that invented religion. It was God who revealed Himself to mankind.

        Tell me something: when you ride in a car with young kids, do you tell them to buckle up?

          • I think the point is, death is a reality, so is Hell. If you don’t do what is good and prudent, you will suffer for the neglect. This is common in the everyday physical life. Why would the spiritual be any different?
            It is not fear that moves most saints on to eternal life; fear is a motivation, and in some cases it has helped me, but love of God will lead to joy in the end. Hell is a reality; fear can help you take the next step when the devil really has you and you can’t see motivation to go forward, but love of God will eventually be more convincing than fear. St. Therese loved God so much that she was happy to do anything for Him. In fact, she said once that she wished she could do something for God without Him knowing!
            You warn your children of bad consequiences for imprudent or bad actions. God, like a loving Father, also warns us of Hell.
            The main misunderstanding of the doctrine of Hell is that God is cruel to punish us for our sins, maybe just, but why would a merciful, loving God condemn us to eternal suffer. God must not truely love us. In truth, though, we were made for God so without Him we are empty. At the same time, those who die without repenting from mortal sin die hating God and certainly do not want to be with Him forever. They also hate themselves for not finding the only Goodness that exists. Because they hate God and themselves, they want to go to Hell. God only gives them what they want.

      • SOUTH QUEB You can refuse to believe until your death. Then when you will be judged, you can not change no more. The sheep have been taught, they know the truth.My dad taught me how to drive a car. Now that I can, I still go by what I was taught,realize that it is the truth. Read the study of the ongoing miracle in Guadalupe in Mexico-city, or the one in the Nord of South America. But you prefer your present ‘freedom’ not to know. It’s your choice.

  1. Bill, my friend, you might as well be pounding sand and refusing to believe that there is a cliff right in front of you and you are driving right toward it.

    Don’t shoot the messenger.

  2. I recently retired as a criminal defense attorney. Things that the Church makes up as sending you to Hell are things that don’t get you more than a fine or credit for time served in civil courts. Hell fans make the life of the universe to be just a small time to what you get for eating meat on a fast day , watching dirty pictures or cussing and swearing. Things like that. Sorry, Herr Ratzinger, I can’t buy that. Maybe your old boss could.

    • So we are to judge God’s justice by the justice served in Civil society? Just how is that supposed to work?

      If civil society becomes more barbaric, as it definitely has become, does that mean that God’s justice is more draconian or rather does it mean that society has lost its sense of justice?

      Justice, by its nature, requires a standard. That standard is not some relativistic legal system that changes with the times.

  3. Bill, I’m sure you know that the law isn’t always right. Otherwise, you’d believe that it was okay for Blacks to be slaves in the 1800s and for women to not have the right to vote in the early 20th century. The law is a crappy point of reference because it’s voted by corrupt politicians and it changes all the time.

    If you’re into law, you should read the book called “The Case for Christ”, by Lee Strobel. Strobel is an investigative journalist that covers court cases. You’ll be surprised at what he uncovered when he started digging into the evidence about Jesus.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation. Sounds like a good book to read during this Christmas season.

    I was going to say a happy Thanksgiving, but you Canadians already had it last month. A good and benificent to Advent to all of you.

  5. Bill, I’ve removed your address and sent it to Squeaker by email.

    As a rule, you should not be posting your address on the internet. Not a very good idea for security purposes.

    God Bless You. I hope you enjoy the book.

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