“Let’s Have A Drink”

In the April edition of The Interim, Paul Tuns wrote a great review of Elusive Destiny, a biography of former Prime Minister John Turner who was responsible for passing Canada’s infamous abortion law in 1969, as Trudeau’s Minister of Justice.  Tun writes:

Then, Litt reports, Turner turned to abortion as a matter of conscience, claiming he “wrestled with his duty as a Catholic legislator” and “sought expert opinion”.  He raised the issue with members of the theological faculty at St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto, including Rev. Robert W. Crooker, who advised that while a Catholic should oppose the abortion bill, Turner also had responsibilities to his government.  Turner received a similar opinion from an unidentified “Dominican theologian from the University of Laval” in Montreal who added that Catholic legislators must not impose their morals on others.  Litt also notes that the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, whose executive Turner met with, effectively gave the same advice. Litt reports Turner told the CCCB the omnibus “compromise” was the best that could be achieved to which Bishop Alexander Carter – president of the conference and brother to the future Cardinal Gerald Emmet Carter – said:

“Gentlemen, I think John has convinced us. Let’s have a drink.”

Judas-Priests…and drunk ones, at that.

Sign it.

2 thoughts on ““Let’s Have A Drink”

  1. Like many in his profession, John Turner sold his soul for the promise of political future…

    Back in the nineties I was flirting with the idea of abamdining small principled parties and getting involved in a biog one, where i could hope to get elected and change things from within. A sage friend whom I knew from previous involvement with a smaller party told me “Don’t do it. The only way you can get ahead in a party like that is to be prepared to sell your mother for a nickel and never look back”.

    Turner, however did sell not only his mother, but a sizeable percentage of two, now three generations into the hands of Henry Morgentaler, and those that survived into the hands of the radical homosexual lobby who effectively control the teachers unions. Turner’s star continued to rise, and when he made his stand on wage and price controls, he preety much sealed the deal as leader in waiting. However, God is patient, and when turner finally did get the Liberal leadership, he led it to their worst showing ever, up to that point, and the party spent 9 years in the wilderness, and he left politics a loser. God will not be mocked… as Mulroney found out when he tossed abortion to the supreme court where the existing laws were struck down. The PC party had its worst ever electoral showing in 1993….I also d not it was a coincidence that the Liberal Party began its inexorable decline right after they rammed so-called same sex “marriage” down the country’s throat.
    As for the CCCB, we have seen the results of their sell-out, especially in Quebec, wherre Francophone parishes for the most part could be compared with the dead church of Sardis of Revelation…. but for the fact that at least Sardis had people in the pews, which is more than can be said on parts of Quebec.

  2. In hindsight, now, after the slaughter of countless innocent babies lives, and the horrific and domino effects of all involved , (I am speaking of souls, here and in light of Eternity)I wonder if these people sleep at night, after having such a cavalier O.K, Let’s go for it! mentality, and I don’t like to imagine what Bishop Alexander Carter, dreams about after making that infamous statement every time he picks up a “drink”. In fact , it makes me shudder. Me…I know , been there done that…and not only do I not PARTAKE IN THAT ANYMORE, I know where the attitude of refusing to be accountable for my actions took me in the first place, and it can only go in one direction…Down, down , and down.

    Lord Have Mercy and raise them up and all of us to your Truth and Your reality of Heaven and Hell,
    above all let no one deceive anyone into thinking that Our Loving God does not send people to Hell. THAT is a Lie of the devil!!

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