Let’s drain this sewer all the way…

Your recent stories about D & P’s cooperation with Mexican (and other) organizations with abortion promotion and funding connections reminded me of my own clash with an Ottawa-based D & P official, well over twenty years ago.I was then a member of my parish’s Social Justice Committee in Windsor, Ontario, and soon put off by the realization that this committee, along with others, was essentially hijacked by Windsor’s Third World Centre, then headed by a Jess Agostin, a charismatic young man of Philippino background. The Third World Centre received financial support from the Diocese of London, and had close ties to the CCODP.At a number of Windsor-wide meetings of Social Justic Committees, Jess Agostin pushed what I considered a pro-Marxist agenda, such as favouring anti-Marcos revolutionaries in the Philippines, and the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. When I called him on his pro-Marxist political bias, he angrily called me an “obstructionist”.Finally, in the course of a meeting at The Third World Centre, a CCODP official present, and obviously ill at ease with the tale of a Nicaraguan refugee, who recounted how Sandinistas recruited young Nicaraguan boys into their army – going so far as to lure them away from their families, even those who had escaped to Honduras, tried to put a favourable, pro-Sandinista, spin on the man’s story.Very annoyed, I called him on it. I asked him why the D & P – and the Third World Centre -saw social injustice everywhere except in socialist regimes and Marxist uprisings, why consistent socialist support for “family planning” and abortion rights never seemed to bother the D & P in its decisions whom to support and what to fund, despite the fact that D & P was supposed to be a Catholic.

He said, “Well, you have your agenda, and we have ours.”

I said, “I’ll write a report about this meeting, and send it to the CCCB.”

He smirked, “Go ahead; the bishops are on our side.”

I wrote an account of this and previous meetings, but instead of mailing it to Ottawa, I hand-delivered it to Bishop Frederick Henry, then auxiliary bishop for the Diocese of London, residing in

Windsor.In my account, I ventured to opine that the pernicious influence of the Winnipeg Statement, and the dissident atmosphere it has helped create in Canada towards the Magisterium’s teaching on artificial birth control and its inevitable back-up, abortion, was likely responsible, to at least some extent, for the smirking dismissal by the likes of that D & P official for “my” agenda.Bishop Henry courteously heard me out, undertook to bring my letter and the concerns expressed in it to the attention of the CCCB, but then took issue with my remarks about the Winnipeg Statement. He said that there was nothing dissident in that document.

I politely disagreed, and took my leave.

Not long after, Bishop Henry was moved to

Thunder Bay. I heard nothing further.Jackie Nabben Windsor, Ontario



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