Let the Tiber Flow in Quebec

As many of you may know, the International Eucharistic Congress will be held in Quebec City in June of 2008.  As it stands now, the Pope is not scheduled to come.  There were some rumors a couple of years ago that Cardinal Ouellet, the Primate of Canada, had received a positive indication from the Pope that he would like to attend. However, as time passed, those hopes had faded somewhat.

Now, however, there are calls to petition the Pope to come to the Congress in Quebec City. This campaign is spearheaded by former Quebec Justice Minister Marc Bellemare.  He even has a webpage to collect signatures for his effort: http://pape2008.com. 

The direct link to the petition is located here.


Translated: I wish for Pope Benedict XVI To come to Quebec in June 2008 during the 49th International Eucharistic Congress.

Prenom=First Name
Nom=Last name
Courriel: Email address 

Today, Quebec is the icon of the decaying cultural and political “quiet revolution” which swept it and the rest of Canada into the gutter.  Its economy is largely socialist. Its social statistics (divorces, suicides, abortions, common law marriages, etc. etc.) are appalling.  Quebec, like much of Canada as a whole, is a society in rapid decline.  For all our bickering and squabbling about distinct societies, few have ever figured out that there is not much point getting all hot and bothered about being a distinct culture on its deathbed.  I had an uncle who was distinct too. And he’s also dead and buried. 

The problem for Quebec, however, is indeed distinct.  While the rest of Canada hates itself and has turned its back on its cultural heritage, Quebec has sought to protect its culture from saturation. But it has done so through legalism and strong arm political tactics, failing to realize that what sustains a culture is a healthy and growing natural population.  Instead, traditional Quebec society is drowning under the yoke of massive immigration.  Basically, it comes down to wanting their cake and eating it too. They live in a “bubble of contradiction”.  Quebecers want to continue their traditions, but they hate their Catholic history.  They want to maintain their language, but are finding out that language itself does not sustain a culture.  They want to keep their way of life, but don’t have any children to carry on the heritage and must import foreign cultures and ideologies – some of them dangerous and lethal to western civilization – just to keep the gravy train running. They want to have sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but deep down yearn for a more traditional way of life.

The Pope’s visit is important for the future of Quebec because the Pope represents, in many respects, the Quebec that was. He will call out to the people of Quebec not to forget their proud and illustrious history, but he will also remind them that they can only recapture their deepest yearnings when they say yes to life, yes to their authentic culture, and yes to their Christian heritage.

Come Holy Father. Give Quebec and Canada some hope. +

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