6 thoughts on “Let the river of life flow!

  1. Hi John;

    Nice to see that you have received the flyer for our HV Conference in Toronto. I am the one who has organized this conference with the help from Jim Hughes, Fr Tom Lynch, Dr Maria Kraw and many others.

    Thanks for sending it out. It looks like we may be sold out before the conference date even gets here. We kept the cost down at $5.00 so no one is disadvantaged and cannot afford it but we will take up a collection at the conference.

    God Bless you in your efforts!

    Dan Heffernan

  2. Between the “40 days”, the election in Canada and the U.S. there is just so much at stake. The Newspapers lie, the police lie, I am just overwhelmed with the amount of work that there is to do. Even the Church is not what it should be and could be responsible for all of this in the end. At long last the Truth may be coming to the fore with all the suffering that may entail what with 80 year old priest being allowed to be ordained to shore up the French side of the Diocese and I question the wisdom there. Glory be to God!

    Forgive me if I cannot do it all but only as much as I can with God’s help.

  3. As much as the risks we are facing or that are menacing us; it is most important to keep our faith and pray and believe in the truth of God.
    I think in Canada one way or the other we are doomed. Personally, I will not vote for anybody in my district because not one of the candidates has bothered expressing his/her views about protecting life. I do think though, we are at a worse risk by pretending that Harper Conservatives are really the best of both worlds. On the contrary, it will be one more extension to the world of collectivism, elitism, and individualism we are living today. What about the NDP or any one of the other radicals acquiring power… well, that is the point. What about it?
    I think as Jesus Himself presented it to us; sometimes praying is the solution and the people of Canada needs of those prayers and the people of Canada need a reality check.
    The important matter is that despite all of this nihilism, relativism, and death; surrounding us, we can still be faithful to God and not a system that is by now so corrupt that it has permitted the current situation from evolving.
    As far as the US is concerned, the answer aligns pretty much in the same perspective. Obama is the worst of the options but really still there might be a positive outcome and it will be that the people will give way, once more, here and there; to the value of our individual relationship with God.

  4. I was at the one you organized, John. It was excellent—very informative, particularly the health information. Contraception is just plain bad for you! I hope the one in Toronto is just as good.

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