Let ‘er rip: Pope Francis compares pushing gay agenda to ‘Hitler Youth’ indoctrination

In comments at his Monday in-air interview that were totally ignored by the mainstream media, Pope Francis lamented the Western practice of imposing a homosexual agenda on other nations through foreign aid, which he called a form of “ideological colonization” and compared to the Nazi propaganda machine.

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The Holy Father has been more vocal about life and family issues of late. Perhaps a New Year’s resolution?

Sexual identity is foundational to Christianity because marriage is a symbol that points to God’s relationship to the Church. Anything that distorts sexuality also clouds our capacity to understand the self-sacrificing love that God has for us. The devil never misses a chance to stomp on marriage, the family or sexuality.

Same-sex “marriage” would symbolize a demonic religion where God would be incapable of giving Himself completely to us and would be incapable of producing fruit in us, leaving us dead in our corrupt nature. It’s therefore a symbol of a religion without redemption. No thanks, I’ll take a pass.

One thought on “Let ‘er rip: Pope Francis compares pushing gay agenda to ‘Hitler Youth’ indoctrination

  1. March 1939 the Nazi Government issued a law conscripting “all” youth into The Hitler Youth.The schools were under the supervision of the S.S.The schools were under “Spartan”discipline.History was so falsified in the new textbooks and by the teachers in their lectures that it became ludicrous.Hitlers best friend Ernst Roehm publicly disagreed with Hitler for being for being to mild.Roehm was a tough ruthless driving man albeit,like so many of the early Nazi’s a homosexual.He helped organize the first Nazi strong-arm squads which grew into the S.A.Without this help Hitler probably could never have got a real start in his campaign to incite the public to overthrow the Republic.According to the eye witness account of William L.Shirer in ,”The Rise And fall Of The Third Reich”. All this was common knowledge until so-called Politically Correct so-called neutral Democratic Secular Paganism rewrote Western History, when it became The New State Sanctioned so-called “Neutral” Worldview-Religion Politically of Western Civilization starting in 1962.This return to the values of Pagan Greece and Pagan Rome did not occur in a vacuum,but the point of view of the Voting public was,”Who am I to judge?” I am glad to see the Pope “take the log out of his own eye,so he can take the specks out of others eyes.”

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