Less Laughing, More Sobriety Please

…Most leaders have not been acting as though there really is an ongoing and expanding slaughter of innocents. And this attitude (with some notable exceptions) has been sustained for 40 years. We must not be getting it right after all these years. Why are we always so serious about abortion, euthanasia, the spread of the gay culture and all that?…

Precisely.  This disconnect between the person and what they politically represent has to end.  I’m all for loving the sinner and hating the sin, just like the next guy.  But I’m also very aware that the sinner wants to use the Church to destroy what the Church teaches.  Sometimes, separating the sin from the sinner isn’t that easy to do, especially when the sinner thinks the sin should be imposed on the Church.

Barring some huge wake-up call for the Church, we’re going to have to wait for another generation (or even two) before the new evangelization gets off the ground.

With the exception of our Popes and a smattering of bishops and cardinals here and there, we’re not batting so well.

Cardinal Dolan needs to relearn the virtue of prudence.

But with decisions like this, are we really that surprised that the Church is in the State that it is? C’mon. Let’s get serious.

I guarantee you that millions of unborn children will never smile and laugh like ++Dolan did at his Social Justice Banquet, thanks to his “honourable” dinner guest – the most powerful pro-abortion human being on the planet and in the history of the world.

There’s a good chance that ++Dolan’s successor won’t be able to attend the Al Smith Dinner because…uh…he’ll be in jail.  But let’s not let a good time go to waste!  Let’s not make this personal, shall we?  We’re all professionals here.

And what’s there to laugh about, precisely?

I can’t help but notice the great “here-we-go-again” moment between social justice and pro-life.  Once again, the Catholic Church’s bureaucracy and its duped hierarchy is stepping on the bodies of dead babies (or as good as) in order to further the goals of “social justice”.  It’s a theme we’ve seen repeated over and over and over again for the past 40+ years.

Please pray that Rome starts to wake up to this fact and start appointing men who were born after 1960 to the episcopacy.

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