Legislating for same-sex marriage is like legalising male breastfeeding – Archbishop Cordileone

Sal “Badaboom Badabing” Cordileone.

Wish we had more clear-headed prelates like him…

“Archbishop Cordileone cautions against over-using the term ‘gay marriage’, advising that it should be used “only sparingly” because it is a natural impossibility and if we keep talking about gay marriage we might fool ourselves into thinking it is an authentic reality, which only needs government approval to make it legitimate…”

The fact that our society is even considering this impossibility shows the disastrous consequences of separating the procreative and unitive purposes of conjugal sex through contraception. The absurdity of contraceptive sex introduces the greater absurdity of pseudo-same-sex marriage.

Give the writer a booby prize!

3 thoughts on “Legislating for same-sex marriage is like legalising male breastfeeding – Archbishop Cordileone

    • Bigots are the new words for Catholics, Bill. The problem with that is that we’ve been around before the Left started even using the word.

      Name calling doesn’t work…especially if it makes no historical sense. We’re only bigots because it’s 2013. In 1973, you would have never thought that.

  1. I’m sorry, Bill, but what happened to Archbishop Cordileone was only bad luck. He had gone to a family gathering with his mother and sibblings. He had some wine with supper (as it is usual in those circumstances), and when the gathering finished, he was driving his Mom home when he was stopped at a check point. Yes, he had taken wine, but he wasn’t drunk. I’m sure that you yourself have driven like that at some point in your life. I wouldn’t call Archbishop Cordileone a bigot; he is, for a change, a very good prelate who stands up for the Church.

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